Enterprise Grade Networking

Going to the movie theater is one way to enjoy a film, watching one on your laptop is another, but neither of these compares to the entertainment experience of watching a film in a home theater. It’s your private space for screening your favorite movie for your friends, or watching your favorite TV show on a big screen, or even having an epic family movie night with your kids. A home theater system can turn your space into a “Movie Theater” viewing room. 

Utilizing the unique expertise of Texas Electronic Lifestyles, you can make all of your home theater dreams become a reality. Imagine inviting family and friends over for dinner and a movie. You spend the first part of your evening catching up over a meal. You and your guest adjourn to the theater room and everyone obtains a comfortable seat while anticipating an awesome entertainment experience. Once everyone is seated, with a touch of a button, the projector illuminates and the sound fills the room as the movie starts. The perfect home theater is an art of combining the best in audio and video performance with the beauty of design.

Why you need an Enterprise grade network.


For a project greater than 2,000-square-feet (which describes most of the professional installations today), it’s important to understand the importance of an enterprise-grade network. 

Additionally, the system must have the capabilities to deliver the speed, control & protection that are essential to any network. Many different services rely on this infrastructure to function effectively such as VOIP, automation systems, access control, surveilance cameras, & every other device on your network. An enterprise-grade network deployment fulfills the following requirements that are not available with most consumer-grade home networks. If you would like to get a realistic budget range of what an enterprise-grade network will cost for your size of home, please send us more information through our contact page & one of network technicians will schedule a free consult.

wifi/mesh networking

For smaller (especialy pre existing) homes mesh networking is often the most effective installation method at the best price. Mesh networks appeared in 2015 with the claim that it would solve Wi-Fi problems by improving coverage, accelerating network speed, but most importantly eliminating the need to run new wiring. It also promised to remove the need to place base stations meticulously around a home or small office to avoid dead and slow spots.

Mesh networks have become the best way to set up a new network that spans more than a single, standalone Wi-Fi gateway can manage—or to overhaul an existing inadequate or outdated one.

You need at least two “nodes,” or network devices, to make a mesh, and three is more typical,. Mesh networking is much more effective when compared to old-school Wi-Fi base stations that can’t connect wirelessly or are inefficient in such connection

Integrating the different systems in a home these days is quite a bit like writing a symphony. You have to plan ahead for all the different instruments, get them to work well together, and have the whole project work as a complete and harmonious creation. 

At Texas Electronic Lifestyles we apply our years of experience to the careful planning, design and layout of your home’s systems. Our advanced system design services bring organized effectiveness to the most complex home systems: from automated control of various home subsystems to marvelous themed home theaters, we are dedicated to ensuring that your vision is reflected in the design and execution of your vision of your home.

Let’s face it, your home is one of the largest, most visible projects you are ever going to invest in. It just makes sense to make sure your home’s inner workings – the systems that orchestrate your home’s living style – are professionally designed and implemented so the end result makes you proud.