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Lighting Controls

Pre-programmed scenes

In order to vary the focal point and mood in a room you need multiple circuits. With conventional controls you end up with a large grid of knobs and switches that you manipulate each time you want to recreate a scene. A home automation system such as Savant, Vantage and Lutron can do this all for you with programmed scenes that set each individual circuit to a specific light level. A single press brings up your “cooking” scene, your “dining” scene, your “party” scene etc. Mood lighting and scenes bring out the beauty of your lighting at a single button press.

Our automation platforms make it easy to integrate with other residential technologies to create a complete smart home. They can be used to control Audio/VIdeo, Security, Access Control, Surveillance, air conditioning systems (HVAC), pool/spa, & almost anything else that has a form of control.

The Vantage app is available for both iOS and Android putting system control on your iPhone, iPad or Android tablet or phone. Click Here to view the Vantage keypad brochure to see what is possible for your new project.


 Savant is also now controllable with Alexa, Google Home and Siri which means you can now control your lighting with your voice.

There’s no flexibility in automation. It won’t solve the problem on its own, from scratch. It also won’t recognize anomalies or broken processes. That is when having a trusted automation partner can help to ease the strain on the system to truly serve the application & provide for a better user experience every time.


Centralised Lighting

There are centralised lighting solutions for automating and controlling LEDs, track lighting, incandescent, floor/table lamps, sconces, spotlights, outdoor and even pool lighting for your home.

Vantage Controls is an extremely rhobust lighting system that allows for a centralised solution even in a retrofit solution. In addition, all Vantage products work together to allow us to provide a tailored solution for your next project. Click here for a full line of products by Vantage Controls.

The best part about lighting control solutions is that they are integrated by design as part of a total home automation solution. Everything works together seamlessly. Not only can you can mix-and-match wired and wireless devices for the perfect solution, you can integrate lighting, shades, thermostats, audio, video, controllers, and virtually any home system. You can design a centralised lighting control system today and add in retrofit wireless solutions tomorrow. Or, start with a wireless lighting solution today, and during a major remodel in the future, you can still add in a centralised lighting system for the new areas of the home. either way, you get the best solution that controls everything.

Ad hoc and retrofit lighting solutions can end up being a mess of switches on a wall and a confusing number of apps to learn. Centralised systems are a dream to designers and architects who want to discreetly integrate the latest technologies with your home without messing up the aesthetics of your home. Centralised lighting systems allow you to remotely locate all of the dimmers, or dimming modules, in a cabinet, out of site — usually in an equipment cupboard or preferably, in a bigger home, in the comms room.

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