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Alaska Shellfish: Shrimping, Crabbing and Clamming, Boat Modifications, Refurbs, and Performance Enhan. These cleats mount to holes on every other plastic super track section, or every fourth rubber track section. Heres what you need to know to choose the right track setup and get the most out of it. Rubber tracks are compatible with 24 and 25-inch tires. Argo Adventure is the largest Argo parts and accessory dealer in the World. ArgoTrak Marine provides theoperator, the vessel, and the owner with proper safety channels in real time. Not everyone gets accurate information and some confuse track types. ; Mari, G. (1996) Le filon des Porres. Thank you in advance for any recommendations. Do you want something that goes well beyond the abilities of normal off-road vehicles? Standard tracks are only compatible with 24-inch tires. Argo Atv Accessory Track Kits for use on Argo 6x6 and 8x8 amphibious Utvs. I've never heard anything but glowing reviews on the channel grouser tracks. I didnt personally like the design of them. Now the center 2 axles are idlers and the front/rear (most important) remain driven by the chains inside the machine. That's an easy fix, just add air to your tires and/or pull the metal track extension out. but no track guides to get into your tires and easy to add traction for rocks and willows. Your email address will not be published. Take a look at adair argo's website. They are amazing. I've had the front 3 tires spinning inside the track because of this. Pierre Horay (Ed. A 1" difference in tire diameter on a 25" tire is a difference of 31 complete revolutions in a mile. Reason for selling- too many toys to upkeep. 2016 Argo Avenger 750 c/w ROP, (roll over protective TOP ) Rubber tracks, Canvas Enclosure, comes with Pelican 6 x 3 tow sled and a 2019 GAlVANIZED 6 x 12 Will sell together or separately. It's all in the setup. on water JavaScript is disabled. I wouldn't remove the rear chains because of this. JavaScript is disabled. Mud flaps: These flaps extend past the sides of the vehicle, deflecting mud and snow coming off of the tracks to keep your passengers and cargo clean. When these treads covered by tracks, youll need to use an outboard motor to push the vehicle through the water. For most vehicles, this is 26 inches deep. It seems like he has been making and experimenting with argo tracks for a long time. 66 Si cela fonction bien et si la traction reste + ou - la mme lorsque l'on a les chenilles. The existing wheel spacers remain on the front/rear axles. I ran without tracks all summer and fall. You are using an out of date browser. Track Tuner. Specifically Durability, Usability, Swimability. Summer 2022: 8 new seals, 8 new bearings 2000 Argo conquest with tracks only 372 hours. My older 6X6 big foot had the hard plastic tracks. You'll love having tracks. I did have to replace 4 axles with the newer HD axles but that could have been due to the extra long trail we took moose hunting and heavy load we packed on the way home. ), 224 pp. Last year I bought a set of the channel style tracks from the gentleman in Wasilla that it making them. Great machine, gets you anywhere you want to go. I see too many Argo's running loose tracks to the point they slap the tub body when riding. Best Argo Tracks - Alberta Outdoorsmen Forum # 1 12-27-2012, 07:05 AM RLG Join Date: Mar 2010 Posts: 187 Best Argo Tracks I have a 2010 Avenger 750. 804km Factory installed winch. Rubber tracks are compatible with 24 and 25-inch tires. And he said they ruined his axles on his. Call Tim at Adair Argo and he'll get you setup. Getting back to my Argo with track tuners, the Adair folks designed those to alleviate the problems 8X8s have with chain binding. Very good condition $11,900.00. It seems it does. JavaScript is disabled. On my last moose hunt I swam across multiple sloughs and creeks with the argo. Excellent condition in and out. Hey NJF , I ran Adair tracks on a 6 wheeled argo and they did great in the mud and muskeg but were very slick on rocks and willows. Can't count the number of hills where the tires would spin on the wet roots and mud when without tracks. I'm thinking of ordering a set but wondering if there is anyone already running them and if they are having any issues? Is a division of Liewer Enterprises Inc of Burke, South Dakota. The escargo crosser is waay strong and would take a long, long time to try to make yourself. I have looked at Adair and understand some of those don't need spacers and some tracks need track tuners. Super tracks: 210 lbs. I sell a variety of 6x6 & 8x8 amphibious ATV's. . I was told that track tuners were highly recommended but not required for this style track. Please enter a number greater than 0 and less than 500000. . I have only run the super tracks on all my argos I thought the plastic track were awesome until I bought a new argo with rubber track last year. But can get up them pretty easy now with the tracked machine. IF YOUR ARGO IS CHEWING THROUGH CHAIN SLIDER BLOCKS OR HAVE MID TIRES THAT MEASURE GREATER THAN A 1" DIFFERENCE IN CIRCUMFERENCE WITH 5LBS OF AIR PRESSURE THAN THE FRONT OR REAR TIRES YOU'RE A CANIDATE FOR THE TRACK TUNERS. It runs. Argo 18" Super Tracks Assembly and Installation re. je sais c'est quoi des tuner mais je n'ai jamais essayer, j'ai dj enlev les 2 chaines arrire et quand j'avais besoin de traction les pneus tournaient dans les chenilles ??????? Regular tracks: 135 lbs. I will be getting tuners when they come available and I wouldn't use rubber tracks unless they would be used on snow only, but I don't have the money to get one of everything for everything. La barytine en France. The review of the newest ATV ARGO Avenger 8x8! I have a 2010 Avenger 750. on water. Good Luck. Only 189hrs. 1-605-775-2917 [email protected] CAN'T FIND A PART OR DO YOU HAVE A TECHNICAL QUESTION? Comparisons to Adair tracks? on water. Argo makes three types of tracks sized for both 66 and 88 models. Since 1996 we have been selling and servicing the Argo brand of amphibious Atv's, and stock the World's largest inventory of Argo vehicles, parts, accessories, and lubricants. The huge negative I see with these is they do not swim. Bilge failure will result in an automatic alarm which will alert you in real time. Just nicely broken in. This hub has lug studs which also match the lug pattern on your wheels. Dodge: 12-27-2012 11:51 AM: Take the weight of the tracks into account when loading your vehicle. From what I understand, not all tracks are equal. The track tuner looks like a spindle mounted to a round plate. Learn why ArgoTrak is perfect for your marine vessels less than 3 minutes. There is lots of info at and info on the track tuners at Good luck with the purchase. Protect your assets and bridge the gap between customer and company. Check this out. I would go with Adair tracks. A 1" DIFFERENCE IN TIRE DIAMETER ON A 25" TIRE IS A DIFFERENCE OF 31 COMPLETE REVOLUTIONS IN A MILE. The Freedom Boat Club on Lake Norman was looking for a vessel monitoring system to keep track of boat location and status 24/7. Learn more about his experience with ArgoTrak for over a decade now. Check out for links to gear used in this and other videos. What about when side hilling is the track likely to slide on slippery vegetation or trees? Was previously on 2000 conquest. It was really frustrating to see where I wanted to go but just couldn't get there. the track tuner is placed on the two mid axles (or single mid on a 6x6) on both sides of the vehicle. Use this space to tell other eBay members about yourself and what youre passionate about. Consistently delivers outstanding customer service, Fast shipping thanks Working great nice fit thanks. Cleats are not compatible with standard tracks. Adair Argo Sales 1459 White Pole Road Adair, Iowa50002 Phone: 1 (800) 934-0737 Practice Hours: Monday: 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM Tuesday: 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM Wednesday: 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM Thursday: 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM Friday: 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM Contact Us For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The flotation is similar between both tracks. Argo Adventure is the largest Argo parts and accessory dealer in the World. If one of them slides out, the track will come loose and can damage the body. 14.5" Rubber Belted Track designed for 10" and 12" wide tires These tracks are 14.5 inches wide and only require a 5/16" spacer for most models - reversible rims do not require spacers for the 14.5"track Add-on Winter Ice Cleat kit available - 18"" Total width with kit (8x8 kit $650 / 6x6 kit $550) I am serioulsy looking at buying tracks this winter and can not decide. The huge negative I see with these is they do not swim. Tracks cannot be mounted over the new AquaTorque mud tires used on the new Bigfoot 800 MX6 and MX8 XTVs. L'Avellan mine, Frjus, Draguignan, Var, Provence-Alpes-Cte d'Azur, France Dimensions: 7.1 cm x 7 cm x 3.3 cm Group of translucent, greenish cubic crystals, of very well defined faces and edges, associated with tabular crystals of Barite. Down side to Argo includes: very low to ground and doesn't do ruts well; wide wheel base, bad with ruts; floats real easy, so no crossing moving water more than 20-36 inches deep without tying up; very slow; ride is rough/stiff/unforgiving; steering levers can wear you down; low to ground; need to take a saw to widen trails that 4 wheelers made (Off McPhillips @ the North Perimeter) and 2004 Argo Avenger 750 for sale. Ran plastic tracks for 6 years on all my argos. Even in the unlikely event that a vessel is stolen, you will have all the data you need to prove that the vessel was being improperly operated at animproper time. I'd prefer the tracked ride across the tussocks, rocks, and roots. In the event that a vessel is lost, real time GPS data is constantly updated. An amphib on snow-tracks is a ball to play around with too because you can just drive over downed trees and other rough/nasty terrain and keep right on going over super-deep snow, stay warm, and carry lots of stuff. PLEASE NOTE THAT BY ADDING THIS PRODUCT YOUR MID TIRES NO LONGER TRANSMIT POWER FROM THE AXLES TO THE GROUND EFFECTIVELY MAKING THE VEHICLE 4 WHEEL DRIVE. I do not like the idea of running track tuners. Contact an ArgoTrak representative today to learn about our one-time hardware cost and low-cost monthly subscription model. It was a pain but well worth it. These machines really shine in "sinky" terrain and the ability to trail break and mow over things. THIS IS THE SOURCE OF DAMAGING CHAIN WIND-UP. 88 Never had much of a problem except when the came loose. TRACK TUNERS ELIMINATE THIS BY ALLOWING THE CENTER AXLES TO FREE-WHEEL AND NOT TRANSFER THIS DELTA INTO THE CHAIN SUB-SYSTEM. I considered them useless at climbing. Argo 1990 - 8 Wheel Argo Conquest 300 hrs 588 cc Standard 18 hp Kohler engine Full skid plate Trailer hitch Excellent rubber Full set of tracks Wheel spacers for Includes tracks. Rubber tracks: 230 lbs. Makes running rubber tracks much easier. These are the key for winter operation. Much more than a simple navigational GPS, ArgoTrak documents all the data you need to keep your vessels safe and maintained. A Track Tuner reduces chain wind-up by up to 90%, freeing horsepower and extending chain, bearing and sprocket wear. Salut Buck on land, 85 lbs. I would like a track that does as good as or better than tires when hill climbing, going downhill, side hilling, and climbing over brush/small trees. Track tuners help to stop most of this. I like and at the same time have concerns about the elevated belt design. Come back soon. I am considering Argo 18rubber tracks, Adair 14.5 pro series tracks, and the Wasilla made channel tracks with UHMW grousers. Lots of good experienced people over there that can help you out. I did install the track tuners as well and they seemed to be worth it for what's it worth. I have looked at Adair and understand some of those don't need spacers and some tracks need track tuners. ARGO Rubber Tracks: I have spoken with the Argo dealer regarding the rubber tracks. Track tuners take the place of these wheel spacers on the center two axles only. Also, have you actually owned a machine with adair tracks? When traveling through water, keep the treads touching the ground and dont go through water that is higher than the hull. Do you find that you still bump into the limits of Argos amphibious ATVs on mud, sand and snow? The channel/grouse me style tracks are more aggressive and provide better hook up going on hard slick surfaces, going over trees, crawling up and out of creek banks etc. Inspect the track pins before using your Argo. . Specifically Durability, Usability, Swimability. You are using an out of date browser. 24/7 custom alarms can be sent to any device in any location, regardless of distance. These add-ons can increase your XTVs capabilities and improve comfort. i hear a set of tracks calling my namethanks guys ! Standard Tracks: At 13 inches wide, these plastic tracks offer better traction than the rubber tracks. I am looking for reviews of the Channel tracks made in Wasilla since thier local. Historical speed data is recorded for any situation where proof is needed. Were located at4900 Molly Pitcher Highway, Chambersburg, PA. Thats one mile East of I-81 from Exit 10. I would recommend upgrading to those HD axles. I think the elevated belt design would be great for steering on hard pack ground compared to the argo rubber tracks. Argo avenger with escargo track crossers and uhmw plastic crossers, track tuners driving through the snow and various obstacles. I find it's all part of my pre-fall or spring maintenance routine. The track tuner is placed on the two mid axles (or single mid on a 6x6) on both sides of the vehicle. Windshield with wiper, LED headlights. Turn your Argo into a tank with these 2008 Argo Avenger 750 8x8, Kohler V-twin engine, with alternator charging system. Always stored indoors. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Le Rgne Minral, Hors-Srie 2, 18-24. Boulangerite The HOT SETUP for a general track toy. A 6X6 REQUIRES 2 TUNERS AND A 8X8 REQUIRES 4 TUNERS TO WORK PROPERLY. FOLLOWING PROPER MEASURING IS KEY AND STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS CAN BE DOWNLOADED BY CLICKINGHERE. I am also concerned about the track slipping on the tires (since there will be only 2 tires transmitting power to the tracks. Argo Avenger with Escargo Track Crossers and UHMW Plastic Crossers, Track Tuners Driving through the snow and various obstacles. If the tracks are installed in a warm area like a heated garage, the tirepressure will drop once the vehicle is outside in cold weather. Adair Argo Track Tuners For all you people running rubber tracks on your Argo. This plate has holes drilled that match the lug studs on your machine. Are my concerns with each track type valid? On my last moose hunt I swam across multiple sloughs and creeks with the argo. Rubber tracks: These 18-inch wide tracks increase traction while minimizing noise.

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