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Let me tell you something about armadillos, those bastards will hiss, jump, and turn into Tasmanian Devils if you corner them. This road was kind of like Christmasville Rd. Strong senses are a Skinwalker trademark, too. Ojncanu | In July 2004, near Gallup, New Mexico, I had my first and only encounter with a Skinwalker. Main Articles I cant for the life of me remember what the place is called. Mammon | Chimera | Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Damballa | What I saw was a wolf-like animal that sort of resembled the beast in Beauty and the Beast just not cartoonish. Red question marks represent the broad location where the sightings occurred. Can skinwalkers become human? Rake- The entity version of the skinwalker. When you opt in, not only do you get our curated list of the best horror streaming and stories, you support our work and help us keep the lights on. Karen decided to (in my opinion was stupid) open the curtains to look out, there was the stray dog on its hind legs looking into our bedroom but this time, it stunk and what I thought were two black holes in the neck, another pair of eyes twinkled (think of those ugly glossy spider eyes starring at you) and the paws were deformed looking hands with over-grown somewhat thick and sharp fingernails. Loki | La Sayona | As the car gained a little speed the thing running alongside us lost pace, slightly, I then saw the hand on the end of that nightmarish arm. We went to to Tuba City to get some groceries, came back to the house. In Navajo folklore, a skin-walker would be a type of evil witch who can become the body of a creature or masquerade themselves as one. People who are passionate about Algonquin folklore may know about the Wendigo. Yelling out more Navajo that was too fast for me to comprehend he swung open the door and fired twice. Jersey Devil. Their senses can become a lot more acute with the passing of time. Martinez Dog Demon | Gremlins | Thats the fastest one Ive ever seen, said my grandpa. My grandpa lived about 25 minutes away from the nearest town and the only neighbors around are other family members. We got to Bandelier at probably like 6 or 7am and set up our camp. I followed them for what seemed like 10 or 15 minutes and then I snapped out of it. July 31, 2022 People all over the world have been growing frightened of an unknown creature that is creeping around on the internet. Nothing. Bifrons | Ever.) Then it opened its mouth, the skin pulled back until all you could see were black gums and yellow teeth. The Skinwalker and the Rake project a terrifying picture of human beings, and there are obvious parallels between the two. Hwy 43 wasnt well lit, it was almost as dark as Natchez Trace Parkway (Ive got a good story about using a pair of pantyhose as a fan belt for an old diesel Mercedes. We arrived in Shreveport, made a phone call to another friend, who we were actually supposed to be staying with. The hand was clenched into fist the size of a cantaloupe, a big cantaloupe. They'd had an uneasy relationship for years, sometimes allying with each other, sometimes conducting raiding parties on each other and taking slaves. Lambton Worm | So thats all I remember. We drove for what seemed like hours, it was after midnight, and I saw a sign that informed me that Bivins was the next town of any size. Marshall, TX was 40 miles away. I ran out into the middle of the field, and just in time I see two dogs, they were standing up facing each other and fighting. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Baal | The mythology of the skinwalkers begins with the Navajo, a southwestern Native American tribe. Lisa | Behemoth | This was a perfect scenario for a horror movie, it was cloudy but there was full moon, and it was breaking through the clouds just right to light up all the snow. Oni | Ropen | As we walked out the front door, I saw a figure move from behind my neighbors car to a nearby tree that stood between our apartments. The Pharisees | Gods & Spirits IT HAD A DOGS BODY BUT WITH HUMAN HANDS AND FEET, 6. Abyzou | El Gritn de Media Noche | Dragon | With all of their advantages, it is said that you can kill a skinwalker if you call them by their true (human) name. Cerberus | Mungoon-Gali | It was years later, 11 to be exact, before we ever even talked about it again and we didnt talk about it much. Poltergeists | Busiris | Jane the Killer | Frankenstein's Monster | China Doll | 3. These senses even enable them to steer clear of any and all potential hazards that might be in the vicinity. Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories behind the art. 1AmTheHelp3r | 12. She claims that, while she has not directly seen the Rake since the incident, she knows that it has been in her room while she sleeps. This noticeable sound can make victims instantly feel paranoid. Beast | Skin walkers are shamans who use their powers for evil. She moved a couple weeks after that. My family owns a farm in the heart of an Indian reservation. This imitation power may be able to lure the Wendigo in the direction of the formidable Skinwalker. Jeff the Killer | Eris | Abere | It is fiercely territorial, and though it usually only attacks when provoked, it has attacked out of malice many times. On the other hand, the Rake was originally a work of horror fiction that was sourced from creepypasta. In Skinwalker Hunt the totems are good for reliably giving you a rough idea of what region the monster is in. Iblis | Enma Daio | Asuras | Skinwalker can possess, Rake can lurk in nightmares, 4. Malsumis | The SCARIEST Skin Walker Videos w/Mully - YouTube 0:00 / 16:33 The SCARIEST Skin Walker Videos w/Mully special edd 2.81M subscribers Subscribe 2.9M views 8 months ago Reviewing skin walkers. She described it as a black dog with dirty fur, a twisted noodle-like front leg, and these unnatural eyes with a soft burnt orange glow. THE RAKE vs THE SKINWALKER high quality content 6.94K subscribers Subscribe 66 2.8K views 3 years ago huh, guess the skinwalker didn't wanna change into an animal or possess the rake or. Monster of Mount Bandai | 18 [deleted] 4 yr. ago [removed] cronoxious 4 yr. ago I already knew they are not the same thing. Camazotz | Paimon | Raven Mocker | He said hed never told anyone and I hadnt either. Skinwalkers, in a nutshell, are malevolent witches that are capable of transforming into animals. Coco | It did move quickly, but not quick enough to avoid the light from a nearby light post and the porch lights. We made it New Orleans, almost died from culture shock, and turned around and headed to Magnolia, MS to get some sleep. Looking for about a good 5 seconds, I wasnt able to see anything so I was getting ready to turn around and walk back to bed thinking it was just a stray cat or something. Jackalopes | I finally looked to my right, just a bit, imagine the scary part of the movie where you put your hands in front of your face but still peek through. Hatman | A Spanish journal entry dated from 1880 came from an individual traumatized by the constant stalking from the Rake and was unable to sleep or relax due to being in constant fear and panic. The Cameramen | Skinwalkers are said to be able Read more Skinwalker vs. Rake (What's The Difference?) All the kids slept in the basement, in a big room with sliding glass doors to the outside, as the room was on the side that wasnt underground. Each house is on a hill so only part of the basement was actually underground. Joan's Brother | Jure Grando | However, in addition to these similarities, there are also a few key differences between the two that you might or might not have noticed. Demiurge | I could still see it. Granny | The Rake scurried up to the woman's husband and stared at him, then turned around and headed for their children's rooms. If a user posted a comment on the message board asking for aid in creating a new monster, many responded by posting descriptions of their physical characteristics and behaviors. Skinwalker vs. Wendigo (Whats The Difference?). You can view the map here. During the summer of 2003, the Rake was allegedly captured on camera and sparked media interest until the creature was mysteriously blacklisted from publication, and all of the records from the event were mysteriously destroyed. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Im very intrigued by this and any info is greatly appreciated. Your cousin had nightmares the whole night and woke up crying that morning.. My friend was driving and we were doing about 45 mph, any faster would have been reckless even for a couple 18 year old dumbasses. Trauco | 13. If youre familiar with the Navajo Nation, you may have heard of Skinwalkers. Clear Lakes Communications | Escornau | Stymphalian Birds | I was staying with a ten, thirteen, and fourteen year old. Culebre/Culebre | Both of these creatures have strong roots in the universe of Native American tribes. Hunting The Dead 248K subscribers Join Subscribe 2.5K 14K views 23 hours ago TERRIFYING CRYPTID. Zeus, Jtunn Whowie | You couldnt see the neighboring yards from there, and there was probably three quarters a mile to each side of us that belonged to my grandma. Ogres | It was 1995, I had just graduated High School, an old friend who I havent talked to in 7 years now and I were hanging out and I said, Lets go to New Orleans. And we did. This took place during a particularly frigid winter season long ago. Sawney Bean | Charlie Matheson Jr. | Skinwalkers are like many other terrifying creatures in that they bite many of their victims. Joliet the Haunted and Cursed Doll | Hermes | Two-Toed Tom | Maricoxi | Rain Man | Horsemen of the Apocalypse | If you are going to edit a lot, then make yourself a user and login. Alex Kralie | Turnus | Inanna | Skinwalkers have only entered the public discourse relatively recently compared to other phenomenon. Before this I use to say Ill believe it when I see it. Well, Im a believer now. Cirein-crin | Thyestes | I'm compiling the location of all sightings onto a map. Amnon | Tadodaho | King Ahab | Black Volga's Driver | We hear you like all things creepy we do too. ). Zozo Meanwhile, the Rake, like many creepypasta figures, began as an internet communal production. ). Bunnyman | The Rake appears as a supporting antagonist In multiple Slenderverse series. My uncle is Mexican and Native American. Creon | Ijiraq | The Operator | Meanwhile, Rake resembles humans only in appearance but is a true monster. Disambiguation Pages The Skin Taker | Goatman | Im watching Nickelodeon on the tv in the living room when I hear footsteps walking up to the front porch. It stops after a couple of minutes. After a couple of minutes I hear my mom attempt to wake up my dad and see if he can hear it. Bolster | There was one bunk bed and two double beds, the double beds for me and my fourteen year old cousin. It had brown fur that completely covered it, it wasnt a pelt, it was a very large wolf. Furthermore, being able to bring on a snowstorm may be yet another possible con. Fairies | Samael | Horace Horrible | They can also, eventually, take off their "Skin" and return to human form. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Holder of Cruelty | Drive people away. Mackenzie Poltergeist | Enfield Horror | If you accidentally lock eyes with a skinwalker, they can absorb themselves into your body and take control of your actions. Utgard-Loki | Ive heard a lot about coyotes and Skinwalkers, and had a weird experience or two with coyotes (creepiest was waking up to my sleeping bag being surrounded in paw prints without ever hearing them during the night) but never anything paranormal so to speak. Jormungandr | Jacob has written things @ Thought Catalog. Hoody | These varieties can sometimes fight gods and powerful demons. Skinwalker is human, and Rake is Humanoid, 3. La Cegua | Legion | Lurking just out of sight, in the shadows. [soundcloud url= params=auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true width=100% height=450 iframe=true /]. Man of the Empty Streets | Cyclops | Fallen Angels | Zalgo | Lovecraft. Skinwalkers are (supposed to be) Medicine Men that can shape shift into Dog/coyote monstrous mixes. I stopped walking and they looked at me with the most terrifying gaze Ive ever seen. Laughing Jack | He also said that Yoshis tend to harm people by using some sort of human bone straw to spit at someone (thinkspitballs only deadlier) and get human bones into them. This all happened about 5 years ago. Yes. Different witnesses frequently say that the Wendigo has a lot more in common with a werewolf. Instead of walking like a normal dog would, this thing moved like a toy rocking horse. Scylla | Usually when Im there, on the reservation visiting, alone late at night I will feel the presence of evil and dread, panic and paranoia will wash over me and as sudden as it comes it will leave. Ticci-Toby | The Rake has gained a following of people that believe the Creepypasta may be based on true events or at least inspired by real-life accounts of humanoid cryptids. Simply put, they adore collecting creatures and ghosts from multiple areas. Tamamo no Mae | Onamazu | The Rake Robert the Doll | The Girl | Banshee | Tupilaq | Baal | The only person that knew where we were was the buddy on the phone. As a kid I was told it was taboo to think about Skinwalkers because it can still call their attention. skinwalker vs the rake (apeiropobia vs the rake) - YouTube skinwalker vs the rake (apeiropobia vs the rake) @finder8095 Subscribe 2 Dislike 0 Share REACHER- first fight prison. I screamed so fucking loud, and it bolted. He prayed over everyone with cedar smoke and an eagle feather, blessed the placemade us eat bitter herbs called Eagles Gull or something and gave me an arrowhead. Grendel | Diablo | By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. I cant even see you but I can see whatever the hell that shit is. How much do you see? More than I want to. Speed up, John, just speed up. Main Articles Call it what you will, call it bullshit if you want, but look me in the eyes and let me tell you this story and youll know. Grendel's Mother | Smile Dog | Its claws also seems to be sharp. The Uinta Basin, where Skinwalker Ranch is located, covers a large area in northwest Utah. La Santa Compaa | Lamia | The Rake is a pale, bald and skinny humanoid-like entity with long limbs. The Navajo people refer to Skinwalkers simply as yee naaldlooshii. This means roughly he or she who walks on all fours.. Skinwalkers are evil Native American witches that are capable of shapeshifting and enjoy wreaking havoc on onlookers. These werent my friends they had bright red hair, with my friends faces and cat eyes. One night, a few of my friends decided after a night of hanging out that wed go on an adventure at about 3am. Wonderland Dream, Video Game Creepypastas Evil Otto | You'll get everything from extra haunted investigations to podcasts to vlog adventures to giveaways where you could win the chance to be in their next video! BOB | Unseelie Court Reptoids | It was covered in the same hair but slightly darker around the fingers, like it was stained with something. 666 | Thinan-malkia | When he pulled onto the road, it was running next to him. Skinwalkers have a tendency to hang around graveyards, and can dig up graves at an impossibly fast speed. The noises would come from all directions, in increasingly shorter succession. Rake typically attack humans with no apparent cause, leaving their victims in a severely traumatized state after the attack. Both of these friends were brunette. Looking out the living-room window to the door and there was the DOG trying to open the door with its paws. Destroy lives. Mamlambo | Cain | Eventually, she heard it speaking on the audio device, though she refused to share what it said. I started trying to wake up my mom who was like, oh my God, its almost 3am, what do you want? I immediately began in a shaken voice, theres something scary outside! Then she said (now annoyed because I woke her up), Ugh its probably just a stray animal or something, its the rez, animals wander all the time at night. She obviously wasnt getting the drift of what I was saying so I screamed, THERES SOME BLAIR WITCH PROJECT SHIT GOING ON OUTSIDE, MA!!!. Ghosts | King Oenomaus | Immediately I froze, and every ghost story about Skinwalkers and all the other Native legends I grew up with flew through my mind. Abhartach | It was at this moment I had begun to also notice an awful stench in the air that smelled like rotting meat. They often become coyotes, wolves, foxes or bears, though they can shapeshift to any animal. Yelling in Navajo about how the thing wasnt welcomed there and to get the hell outta there, for it go to linger somewhere else. Grafton Monster | Tereus | Ymir | 2. Mahishasura | Putana | While they can take many forms, many people who see them today describe them as hollowed out dog-like animals. A skinwalker is a person with the ability to transform into any different type of animal at will. Yeti | The thirteen year old noddded his head toward the window. Either from South of the Great Lakes, where they are Pale, gaunt, and skeletal and exceptionally strong and durable (Until Dawns type). Akkorokamui | The Rake attacks the father of the father of the narrator and kills him, no matter how much the dad of the narrator tries to get it off it was no use and so the father of the narrator flees to their landlord and seek shelter and manages to cut off the hand of The Rake before it is able to get in. and our Harpies | There also seem to appear physically now and again and are huge. A skinwalker torments humans for money, wealth, and power, because they are fundamentally still humans. They adore getting their hands on blood any time they can. The next night the same thing happens except its coming up to the back door. It makes sense that some people confuse Skinwalkers and Wendigos. They didnt sleep for a day or two but they asked me a dozen more times to tell them the story. Fleshgaits (aka Goatmen, formerly known as Skinwalkers) are terrible creatures associated with numerous creepypasta and terrifying stories. My mom went and got my dad and they both started shouted in Navajo all sorts of words telling the thing to go away and saying its not welcome here. The Rake's original image may be based on the believing evidence of a real-image of the, Others claim that the Rake's image is a promotional image for a video-game. We go to college together and I was kinda interested to know about Navajo tradition. Homey the Clown | Probably girls, college, and college girls. Lilith | I think it's inspired by the Rake, which I discount as nothing more than a creepypasta. It was no big deal; we would be home in a day or two. Skinwalkers have 10 claws that are aggressively sharp and painful. They have a lot in common on paper, after all. We only haunt the willing. Full Name Cockatrice | They are most frequently seen as coyotes, wolves, foxes, eagles, owls or crows. . Erlik | is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Water Horses | Third Alice | 4. Yowie, Modern Legends Weapons, first and foremost, can help people easily and rapidly distinguish between Skinwalkers and Wendigos. They can negatively interfere with eyesight. Its not safe! of course, being in Nevada, we all assumed that my brother had found a scorpion or a rattle snake, so we all run outside, to see my Grandmother clutching my little brother and shaking in terror against the side of the house, standing out in the yard, was a large,black, great-dane sized dog, it was staring at my grandmother with an intensity Id never seen before. The Rake is a monster in the online horror fiction genre, creepypasta. Claws are another weapon they share with Skinwalkers. She opened the door and chased it off. The Rake's legend originates from the website 4chan. Fenrir | Wendigos, in plain terms, are cannibals who have undergone major transfiguration. The story and mythos went through many changes and alterations in the beginning. Abaddon | La Tunda | When we got there it was about 9 at night where we stayed up until about 2 catching up about family affairs and the local news. The Chaser | Chaos | It also has a lot of visual similarities to the Southern Wendigo. Connor | Ravana | We rolled on. Holder of Gore | What ties Skinwalkers and Wendigos together the most? Trevor Henderson Villains, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, The Rake appeared as one of the main antagonists in "The Rake vs Dogman", where it fought the infamous. The Rake escaped and the woman's husband got the dying girl into the car. Cuegle | One time driving back from Gallup, my dad saw an old navajo woman walking on the side of the road and when he slowed to offer her a ride she took off into the plains, quickly with inhuman speed. One last weapon makes the Wendigo so endlessly captivating to people who appreciate folklore. The Devil | Manananggal | Maybe I did a little when I flicked the cigarette away. Thats what Im talking about! So both her and I got back up looked outside the window and the coyote-thing was making its way to the door. Rake was only a collaborative project, 5. We had $140 between us and back then that was more than enough. Moloch | (Usually my dog which is a house Dog, scratches the door to be let inRez Dogs arent house Dogs and Dogs inside houses are frowned upon in Navajo Tradition; Meant to protect the house and owner.) It walked with an odd limp and dragged its back right leg as if it has handicapped. Fear Liath | It is depicted as an unusually tall, hairless, pale, humanoid creature who generally crouches or crawls on all fours. This is a mythological beast who consumes the flesh of human beings. Dragons | Cookie Notice Wendigos, are evil spirits that possess people that eat other people (and convince them to do it in the first place) . Dry Body | 3. It was a shit hole. At | Kelpie of Loch Ness | We stopped at a little bar-b-q joint and had a coke, a smile, and some pulled pork. Davy Jones | It was going from wall to wall really quick, screaming the most blood-curdling scream youve ever imagined. When they did, the woman began researching the creature and discovered all she could about it, and set up audio monitors in case she could hear it. Ame-onna | Kroni | Count Dracula | In addition to the many teeth, the figure has lanky limbs and lurks firmly on the ground. my bed was pressed against a big glass window, and I could see my cousins playing outside down below. Well, I can't answer for the existence of skinwalkers, or rakes, but I can answer about bigfoot. Kuchisake-onna | The Rake is known to be extremely hostile and aggressive towards its prey and victims. The Rake (2018) | Rumor has it that the Wendigo previously was a hunter who got lost. Definitely not possible. Tailypo | Mokoi | Rakes most notorious example is a woman who wakes to discover the creature perched on the side of her mattress. Three Drowned | As you can see, there are a large amount of sightings on the east . Cercyon | Incubi | 7. Jesse Laurenzi | 2010 The Thought & Expression Company, Inc. and translates to he who walks on all fours., 5. We were now trying to escape from the depths of a monster inhabited hell. Skinwalker can transform, Rake cannot Skinwalkers are commonly observed as werewolves, foxes, coyotes, raptors, crows, or owls. Succubi | The Rake appears as the main antagonist in the horror video game of the same name. Baobhan Siths | Then it bent forward as it ran, I saw the face of this thing, all reality stopped. People all over the world have been growing frightened of an unknown creature that is creeping around on the internet. I eased my right hand over and rolled up my window. My grandmother on my mothers side has always been very Superstitious, for lack of better word, shes not religious, but she does believe in a lot of paranormal stuff. Jesus Christ | Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. So I throw on some boots, grab a shotgun, load it up, and head out to the field. To meit did act kinda strange and ugly looking. When he looked again It was gone. Seems to work pretty well. In the middle of the path, was a large dog-like creature, hunched over with its front hands an inch from the ground. It didnt have any human traits except that It walked on its hind legs. Antichrist | Mystery Killer | Manticores | Creators Kevin Burns Joel Patterson Stars Travis Taylor Erik Bard Thomas Winterton See production, box office & company info Next episode May 3, 2023 Watch on History S1-4 Go to In particular, one stood out, resulting in the user creating a new post regarding more ideas about the creature. In 37 years I have two regrets, one is picking up that first cigarette and the other is me looking to my right that night. Pesanta | Rich Man | Some people believe the Rake which is commonly encountered in the northeast is similar to a skinwalker. What the hell are you talking about? Theyre made to basically pulverize bones rapidly and practically effortlessly. Cursor | Stalking people.Mentally tormenting people.Attacking people. Novus Ordo Europa | A wendigo does not shapeshift, either. Discover short videos related to skin walker vs wendigo on TikTok. In 1996, a team of scientists ventured to a Utah ranch to investigate a series of bizarre phenomenon. Windigo | Spring Heeled Jack | My friend was still looking straight ahead, his jaw was clenched, and he put both hands on the wheel, he sped up. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. No words were said. The legend of the skinwalkers originates from theNavajo, a southwestern Native American tribe. Crawlers are a newer phenomenon I think? But these doubts totally changed last year when I went to my grandparents house. Orang Minyak | The Rake (Slenderverse) | Scan this QR code to download the app now. One viewer wrote: "Skinwalker, rake, or pale man." The strange figure leaps out of the long grass (Image: TikTok /@itz_louisvuitton) A second viewer commented: "Skinwalker or windigo bro. I was expecting something to come to the door and knock, but nothing happened except that it kept walking up and down the ramp. Goals I think perfect two for one. So I pump a shell into the chamber of Mr. 12 gauge and then it happened. El Comelenguas | Most people think of when they here the word "skinwalker". What?! Buryman | Should we investigate Skinwalker Ranch?Make sure to Subscribe:'s XPLR CLUB? I told the story a few years back for the first time while I was parked out on a gravel road, doing the things you do when youre parked out on a gravel road with a good looking woman. Then we drove home. Mara | I rolled the window down and lit a cigarette. A skinwalker is a person with the ability to transform into any different type of animal at will. StalkingMass murderTortureKidnappingBurglaryVandalismTheftMan-eatingMutilationAssaultPsychological abuse Tommy Taffy | Repeated sightings of humanlike creatures have led some to invoke the name "Skinwalker," a shape-shifting character from Navajo tribal folklore. Mr. Scars | Among the Navajo, skinwalkers are like . Lord William de Soulis | Type of Villain Kali | Giants | Just as I was settling and finally getting relaxed for sleep, I started to hear something moving outside. Jackalopes | Phobos | Green Knight | Stalker The dog was nowhere to be seen, nothing unusual. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. The Wendigo started wandering the forest endlessly. Her Grandmother lives near a Place called Tuba City, Arizona. Literature. It was maybe eleven at night, and we were playing truth or dare after telling scary stories, and my fourteen year old cousin dared me and the thirteen year old to go walk through the paths for ten minutes or so. Giants of Voronezh | Im sorry but it was a Rob Zombie movie come to life. Clowny | Morgan le Fay | Behemoth the Elephant | When we got in, I asked my son, did you see that?? Boneless | Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Robert the Doll | The seeker | Map of all currently-documented sightings. Doctors cant detect it, but the Medicine Man that day pulled a piece of human skull out of Grandmas right shoulder, pretty bigabout 2 inches long and 1 cm thickit was real because we watched him pull it out of herthat was intense. Leviathan | This gives them supernatural powers, allowing them to shapeshift from a human to an animal at will. Crisis, Possessed Objects Watch popular content from the following creators: Starless(@starless_midnight), Aidan Mattis(@theaidanmattis), Aaron Tomlinson(@tlom_official), Aaron Tomlinson(@tlom_official), Aidan Mattis(@theaidanmattis), Aidan Mattis(@theaidanmattis), Aidan Mattis(@theaidanmattis), Abbey Sobota(@abbey_sobota), Aidan Mattis(@theaidanmattis . Hracls | Bloody Mary (Halloween Horror Nights) | Tydeus | Invite me over, buy me a beer, sit on the porch with me and Ill tell you the story, over a pack of Marlboros and a few of those beers. Some people describe him as being an evil spirit of sorts. Her dogsboth of themwere dead, ripped up. The Rake also appears in the story known as "Skinwalker", where The Rake kills the grandfather of the narrator while the father of said narrator survives.

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