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Then you get to the fork in the road and see the sign for the visitor center and you make the mistake of assuming the road would be somewhat good. We kept hoping no one was coming up from the bottom because there was absolutely no way to pull over or back up. Its a very cool drive!! You can take a RZR on part of the Shafer Trail, but you cannot take it on the entirety of the trail. For a cool view, turn around and look up at the rim. Shafer Canyon Road and Potash Road: Driving Route, For more details on how to plan your time in Canyonlands, read our post. The Moab Giants is right on the corner of the intersection of US-191 and UT-313. Tammy Daybell's death was a homicide . This part of the road is relatively smooth and very well maintained. One Perfect Day in Canyonlands National Park. We never needed to put our vehicle in 4WD for these two roads. Will be there next sep. with a classic SUV (Ford escape or similar). What an awesome ride. ! We cringed to see a number of passenger type vehicles traveling on it and observed lots of paint scrapes on Rocky sections. Went in 2020 and this has become a near death story telling experience we share with friends lol. <>>> I'd recommend it for at least the semi-experienced 4 wheeler and probably between the months of April-October if you don't want to deal with winter weather/slick conditions. When authorities recovered his body, they found the remains of other hikers who had suffered the same fate. Thank you! The entire drive, from Canyonlands National Park to Moab, is just under 40 miles. However, we were really interested in driving Potash Road back to Moab. Saw a mule deer and her two babies. Shafer Trail 237 Reviews #7 of 46 things to do in Canyonlands National Park Outdoor Activities, Nature & Parks, Hiking Trails Canyonlands National Park, UT Save Canyonlands National Park Half-Day Tour from Moab 653 Book in advance from $189.39 per adult Check availability View full product details xodar Pace, Florida 58 87 Remember, unlike in the past, high-clearance, 4WD vehicles with low gear settings (4LO) are highly recommended to traverse this route. There were no muddy areasit was all a dry, dirt road with some rocky spots here and there. This is a Jeep/4x4 trail t. We were in a Nissan Frontier truck (4dr cab, 4-wheel drive) and at times my friend could not tell which way the trail went and we hoped we would not end up going over the sheer drop-offs. This number is based on the percentage of all Tripadvisor reviews for this product that have a bubble rating of 4 or higher. If youre looking for other fun 44 trails in Moab, be sure to check out Fins and Things and Hells Revenge. The Shafer Trail Road in Canyonlands is a great 44 trail. The road down the side of the canyon was plenty wide enough and there are multiple areas to pull aside along the way down, even with the switchbacks. In this photo, you can see Potash Road as it runs along the Colorado River. Shafer Canyon Road is a well-maintained gravel road. An Analysis of Deaths in U.S. National Parks Posted October 20, 2022 in Safety On Sunday, October 4th, 2020, a 25-year-old-man fell to his death at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in Arizona. All rights reserved Earth Trekkers. We took this adventure on Thanksgiving week of 2009, This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. The views of the Colorado River are spectacular and the paved roads through the Canyon are very nice with canyon walls rising on one side and the river on the other.The views and thrill of adventure are definitely worth it. For one, because the view was always in front of you and two, you didn't have to press the gas going up the switchbacks! Shafer Trail was originally used by Native Americans. Once past the Shafer Canyon switchbacks, the road levels out. 4 WD with 4 lo is recommended due to steep descent into canyon. Once you pass the Potash Ponds, you will shortly meet back up with the UT-279 that will take you back towards Moab. Each year, hundreds of visitors experience the thrill of driving down the winding sandstone cliff to the basin below. At this point, you will start to be directly beneath the Dead Horse Point State Park. Shafer Canyon Road as it runs just under the rim. The 2022 edition of Maple Weekend runs March 19 and 20 and March 26 and 27. Here are photos taken from Thelma and Louise Point. Cheers, Julie. Get the full details on how to do this in our One Day Canyonlands and Arches Itinerary. I think interstate driving in some cities is much scarier than this.After you get through the switchbacks, the road levels out, relatively and turns into Potash. We used Canyonlands Jeep Rentals and had an awesome experience. Took the trail down into the canyon and on to White Rim Rd to Musselman Arch where we returned to Potash Rd for the 32 mile return trip to Moab. If you are planning on visiting Arches National Park or the nearby Natural Bridges National Monument, purchasing the America the Beautiful Pass would be worth your while. Killer drive!!!! The Shafer Trail difficulty rating is moderate because there are some steep switchbacks. It is the county seat of Goodhue County. Canyonlands can especially get busy once Arches closes. The majority of people who drive on the Shafer Trail would not rate the Shafer Trial as scary. Here is the Shafer Canyon Road and Potash Road driving route in detail. Shafer Road Utah - most dangerous road in USA Andy Renard 3.19K subscribers 50 4.6K views 4 years ago Shafer Canyon Road in Canyonlands, Utah, USA. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. I do have to admit the trail going down was steep, and the switchbacks were tight, getting down over the mountain into the bottom. They split shortly after getting to the bottom of the Shafer Switchbacks. While driving this unpaved road remains difficult to this day, with the right gear and technology, it's possible to safely traverse the Shafer Trail. What a great summary of the route. Do you need to book in advance to visit Shafer Trail? You have to have a permit to travel on White Rim Road. The Shafer Trail in Moab, Utah is regarded as one of the most dangerous roads in America. Pets may be transported inside vehicles only. Shafer Trail Closed The unpaved Shafer Trail road at Island in the Sky is closed due to winter conditions. Winding "road of death" in Canyonlands National Parkthe Shafer Trail. Our website uses cookies. His death in hospital two years later was the result of complications from the head injuries sustained. At Mile 8, you will arrive at the Gooseneck Overlook on the Shafer Trail. So my girlfriend and I decided to get going and check this drive out. Try this 31.5-km point-to-point trail near Moab, Utah. Check theweather reportbefore starting your trip andcurrent road conditionsbefore heading out. ATVs, OHVs, or UTVs are not permitted inside the park. At one point she did jump out of the truck and was convinced it would be easier to walk out..once she was on solid ground she did much better, but I did mention to her I thought the road would be better traveled on a donkey or llama. When you do this, you will get to start at the Shafer Switchbacks, which are our favorite, but this can be risky because we have had to wait at the entrance station for a bit to get into the park. Shafer Canyon Overlook is not actually on the Shafer Trail. I knew something was up when we ran into a couple that had just come through the canyon part of the drive in a smaller 4 wheel drive. Not for two-wheel-drive sedans, but rather 4WD or AWD, this narrow thread of road leads to the fabled land of moving rocks in the heart of Death Valley. Just past the evaporation ponds your tires will hit paved road. You will drive the White Rim Road out-and-back, since you do not have a permit and a campsite reservation to spend the night. The Shafer Trail Canyon overlook is also known as the Shafer Trail Viewpoint. This small roadside pullout is paved with enough space to accommodate a handful of cars. Once you reach Utah-279, the road is paved and feels delightfully smooth. Quite a few mountain bikes and quad runners were on the trail. Turn left onto Potash Road. Expanding upon the work of Sog Shafer, the Atomic Energy Commission widened Shafer Trail and extended it to the White Rim Road to accommodate trucks moving loads of uranium-bearing rock from the backcountry and down to Moab for processing. Here the road had several deeps ruts which required some tight maneuvering in our vehicle. I don't like heights to begin with but never dreamed it would be this terrifying. We rank these restaurants and attractions by balancing reviews from our members with how close they are to this location. The switchback is the easiest part of the road as it is in very good condition, the rest of the road is trickier but nothing impassable. The views from Canyonlands are wonderful but if you take the Shafer, you are so much closer to the canyons and can really get the perspective. There are several viewpoints along this part of the road for jaw-dropping views. We never would have made it out without the help of a plant worker!! 96% of travelers recommend this experience. John Shafer is credited for improving the trail and making access into the canyon easier. The Shafer Trail is safe but can become unsafe if driven during times of inclement weather. The views are stunning the whole drive, and it's a nice way to break up some of the sight seeing and hiking as well. Fantastic and fun and completely doable. The times that my eyes weren't closed tight, I would just stare at the mountain wall next to the truck. Death Road is a lethal journey in the Bolivian Yungas region . How Can I Add this on to My Visit to Canyonlands? Red Wing is home of Red Wing Shoes, the Riedell Ice and Roller Skates and Red Wing Stoneware. The first highlighted stop is the roadside petroglyphs. Be does jostle the neck around a bit! The road gets its name because it traverses the top of White Rim Sandstone. more, Canyonlands National Park Half-Day Tour from Moab. Very cool trail. It's at times so narrow that only one car can pass at a time. We descended the trail in our Yukon XL. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Good to know. We did a lot of breathing and reassuring to get up the canyon wall. Well this is like that except you dont know its going to be ok when you feel like any plethora of rocks could slide onto you, out from under you, or somehow end up off the narrow ledge/road, and it lasts an hour!!! In Moab, there are numerous companies that will rent 4WD vehicles. 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Ive got a full stock Nissan Titan XD with BFG KO2s and it was a pretty easy trail. I had thought it would be fun to have a little adventure and we both said "how bad can it be??". I refuse to do it again and I got nervous just watching the other vehicles that were on the trail. Generally considered a moderately challenging route. It is also a good idea to check the weather before starting. The trickiest part for us was near the upper end of the Potash evaporation pools. I looked over and saw that the driver's side of the road had given way to a very steep drop-off, and also noticed that the road was narrowing. If you click the star next to the title of the map, this map will be added to your Google Maps account. Damaged soils are prone to erosion and invasive species. Definitely recommend it, as long as you are not afraid of heights and your vehicle has a high clearance. there is plenty of room in those switchbacks to pass another fellow 4wheel. If you drive into the park from the Shafer Trail, you can avoid the entrance station altogether. .=PAdK+1k.F0DKRk&*q,^5`uAquAu5Ahc"MJ.H^i_BdO>x($+GKAuLXXr3R*"!BO>vepCPC[H-eXLw_ s`ooq2gq ;p|2 rQnnQd#VbY,+aWpJ!z4@sm~KHPC%#lsWb,ee'9g?*Bt10`ChXf^*ZFI]e-zaX}'Kb^0` This route starts in Canyonlands and ends in Moab. Loved the route and plan to do it again sometime!! Literally cried, hands sweating buckets, and a death grip on the seat in front of me. Youre welcome! Hi, I am returning to Canyonlands in September 2018. Combining the White Rim Trail and this trail is a great option. However, if you plan to include the White Rim Road, you must have a permit to drive the White Rim Road. A few larger steps that required a slower crawl but really nothing that a decent ground clearance cant handle. Required fields are marked *. When we did this, the weather was very dry, so as far as the dirtiest parts, the entire route from Shafer Canyon Road through Potash Road was about the same. These are genealogy links to Sweden online databases and indexes that may include birth records, marriage records, death records, biographies, cemeteries, censuses, histories, immigration records, land records, military records, newspapers, obituaries, or probate records. This is because RZRs are not allowed to enter national parks. Was not as scary as I thought it would be. Shafer trail was cool. I think just as beautiful though. 2 0 obj The steep, exposed sections of the Shafer Trail, Lathrop Canyon Road, Murphy Hogback, Hardscrabble Hill, and the Mineral Bottom switchbacks make the White Rim .

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