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Klein is now in his second semester at UT San Antonio, but his plans have since changed: Klein has decided that UTSA is the place for him. Scan this QR code to download the app now. If you're looking for alternatives, give me a. Please note that CAP requires a minimum of a C-, in order for UT Austin to accept the course as transferable credits. Test credits must be petitioned to have them posted officially posted on a college transcript. Advance Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and dual credits may be transferable to UT Austin and applicable to your intended major there, upon successfully transferring to UT Austin. UTSAs school code is 010115. As you state, they were guaranteed COLA not any other school. January 2020 Sometimes, we have students accepted through CAP who decide to attend as a UTSA RoadRunner instead of through CAP. The deadline to complete this is June 30, 2023. This can be any session in the Summer 2022 semester. I'm sure I missed some things, so please feel free to ask me any questions in the comments, I'll try to answer them best I can. Work closely with theCAP academic advisorat your UT System university to make certain that the courses you take are on the approved course list. Students who are applying to UT Austin and get offered CAP can select UTSA as their participating university when selection opens up on the students UT Austin MyStatus page. October 2020 testing@uta.edu| P817-272-2362| F 817-272-7532 If you know that you will not be able to complete this requirement, you should consider other educational options. Submit a final, official transcript detailing your work at UTSA to UT Austin by June 1. That same year CAP students' average GPA was .11 lower than other transfers. What are prerequisites and how do they relate to CAP? It's a good program, especially for those who are trying to get into a Liberal Arts major. Its going to take some hard work to get there. This January, the university announced that it beat last year's record -- by nearly 10,000 applications! As a CNS CAP student, try to take your Bio I and II, Chem I and II, and Physics before coming to UT. So what does this mean? With that many applicants and a freshman class size of only about 8,500, it is no wonder so many outstanding students who applied early received offers to UT's CAP program last week. When I got capped my senior year, UTSA got filled up within the first minute it opened, so be sure to plan ahead for the date and time to get a spot. Though CAP students are allowed to compete for those majors like any other transfer student,competition will be stiff and chances of admission will be low. After completing CAP requirements during their freshman year, students transfer to UT Austin to complete their undergraduate studies. Earn at least a3.2 cumulative grade point averageon the coursework that you complete. Even those who test out of or receive credit for a math course beyond Math 301 before enrolling in CAP must complete a math course beyond 301 as part of their CAP studies. I took a huge risk with this program, and if you are willing to risk it all after all this, I urge you to follow your heart. and the supporting documents before the freshman deadline of June 1. The process for Pell Eligible RoadRunners differs from the CAP process. February 2022 Students must sign up and complete Orientation to have this hold released. It is one of the best valued business educations in the world consistently ranking in the top 6 business schools in the United States. Please note that the online orientation fee will be due at the time of sign up and is non-refundable. Students must start UTSA in the second summer 5-week term (July 6 Aug 9). For competitive schools such as McCombs, Cockrell, Nursing, etc. UT Austin maintains an online list of approved courses for CAP students. What this means is that say you are applying for Cockrell under the CAP program. Below is what a schedule could look like for a CAP student. Summer semester may be included if your CAP program requires a summer start. Also be sure to submit any documentation related to the issue you're bringing up to help bring legitimacy to your situation and provide the admission's team with greater understanding. We recommend paying your fee quickly to secure your spot at UTSA as space is limited. Of those, 1,981 applicants took their offer and enrolled at a UT system school, and 773 transferred to Austin after their freshman year. And just like any other prospective transfer student, youll be able to compete for admission to majors in colleges outside of Liberal Arts. CAP application fees paid using ASAP will be processed within 1-2 business days. You will have to go online to www.fafsa.gov and submit a FAFSA for 2022-2023 aid year. I finished my freshman year with a 4.0 GPA while attempting to transfer into Austin's film program, and was in the first wave of acceptance into Moody (the college of communication). Your other classes are up to you, and you will have an advisor there to let you know which courses are accepted at UT Austin. Coordinated Admissions Program The Coordinated Admissions Program (CAP) was developed by The University of Texas System to expand the admission options available to students interested in enrolling at The University of Texas at Austin, the system's flagship university. However my rank is low, top 22, even though my unweighted GPA is about a 3.86


I'm applying to Cornell, UT Austin and A&M. I would definitely avoid doing CAP since you may end up with a major you are not passionate about and likely will have wasted lots of money and time on a degree you might not want to go into. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU TAKE WHATEVER COURSES YOU THINK WILL HELP YOU KEEP A HIGH GPA. This is really ideal for people wanting to save money and still attend UT in their desired major as long as that major is in the College of Liberal Arts. ACADEMIC SUCCESS CENTER STAFF DIRECTORY, ACADEMIC SUCCESS CENTER - ACADEMIC SUPPORT PROGRAMS No, you dont. Dual credits and Test credits can be counted towards prerequisites and/or degree requirements, but not towards the 30-credit hour UT CAP requirement. Obviously, if denied from your first choice you would be stuck with a major that you might not want to graduate with a degree in so it's clear that you may want to reconsider doing CAP if you apply for a major outside of Liberal Arts. CAP can be a great option for students planning to major in the liberal arts, as CAP students are guaranteed admission to most majors in UT Austin's College of Liberal arts upon successful completion of the program. Contact. UT-Austin also compares CAP students to transfer students. Simply complete the CAP agreement to let us know that you want to participate. Essentially, many students who are not offered spots on the Austin campus are given the opportunity to attend a UT system school for a year with a guaranteed transfer to UT-Austin after meetingcertain requirements. A lot of CNS course work isn't restricted even if you're not in CNS with the exception of CS so you can definitely take some upperdivision CNS courses and see how you feel. No, to participate in CAP a student must have applied to UT Austin, been offered participation in CAP and they must complete and submit the online CAP agreement. Of the 1,505 students 642 (42 percent) transferred to UT Austin through the CAP program. DSS@uta.edu | P 817-272-1794 | F 817-272-6592 I hope this helps people who are being offered the program. Ransom Hall 202 As a CAP student, can I stay on campus for the summer? Is it worth pursuing the CAP program for UT Austin? UTSA is a participating school for the UT Austin Coordinated Admission Program (CAP). Will my financial aid be different as a CAP student? The Coordinated Admission Program (CAP) is UT Austin's referral program that allows freshman applicants to begin their studies at another UT system school with certain requirements needing to be met before automatically being accepted into Austin's college of liberal arts. Once you get into UT focus on a high gpa and internal transfer into CNS. There is no harm in appealing whether it be for reconsideration in admission to your major, consideration for a different major, deferring admission, etc. You will need to submit a final high school transcript to UTSA showing your graduation date. After attaining 30 college credits, apply to transfer to UT Austin. The University of Texas System Graduation Rates Initiative and Timely Graduation Progress Report says that in 2009, 26 percent (1,505 of 5,788) of the incoming freshmen at UTSA were CAP students. Please note that UT Austin will only accept, On campus housing is available for those with exceptional need. What should I do for CAP if I am an international student? However, students wishing to major in other disciplines, particularly in highly competitive colleges, such as the McComb's School of Business, the Cockrell School of Engineering, or the College of Natural Sciences, should think twice about signing a CAP agreement. Remembrance, Sexual Additionally, building that resume through things such as internships, research opportunities, or work related to your major will really help when applying for admission. (Even those who test out of or receive credit for a math course beyond Math 301 before enrolling in CAP must complete a math course beyond 301 as part of their CAP studies.). For someone wanting to pursue a major in the college of natural sciences, what school do you recommend they attend freshman year? October 2021 The credit hours that are accepted by other universities are known as transferable credits. Good luck, and hook em! I unfortunately didnt get freshman admission but they did offer me cap. You do have your own advisor, but quite frankly they do not have all the answers you are looking for. Tsacalis urges the students in the program to plan for the long term because though many have benefitted from the CAP program, it has its disadvantages. My dad, grandfather and grandmother all went to UT. UTA accepts agreements on a first-come, first-served basis. Students who attend UTA to fulfill their CAP requirements to transfer to UT Austin will have to attend UTA for summer, fall, and spring. Successful CAP students will be transferred into UT Austins College of Liberal Arts. UT Arlington Bacterial Meningitis Immunization Record. A Houston native, Shariatmadar studied at UTSA for a year before completing the CAP program. Advising Lauren Minaudo,capadvisor@uta.edu. If you were in the CAP program, I have a couple of questions for you. I have more financial aid questions, who do I contact? There is absolutely NO GUARANTEE that you will receive admission into any major outside of COLA, even if you participate and meet the CAP program requirements. CAP requires that during a CAP year, participants must successfully complete courses that total 30 transferable credit hours, from the approved CAP course list, at the participating university. So what does this mean? Details related to UTSAs participation in the UT CAP program are below. The UT System institution you select for your freshman year will provide courses that will transfer as part of the universitys core curriculum, but they may not all serve as prerequisite courses for some majors at UT Austin. Download archived CAP Course Lists from previous years. If you are offered and decide to participate in CAP, you dont have to apply for admission to the UT System university you attend during your freshman year. My advice is that you take care of yourself and work hard. Move on and work hard to show that UT made a wrong decision about you and missed out on having you. They do not advise on UT Austin majors. So when Klein received a letter from the university offering him admission into UT if he could successfully complete the CAP program, he accepted. The CAP agreement specifies that participants should not take college level courses at other colleges during their CAP year, because doing so may cause disqualification from CAP. In high school, Gramm Klein felt that The University of Texas at Austin was the perfect school for him. Students who have earned a number of AP or IB credits in high school may have difficulty finding courses from the approved CAP course lists. More Info Here: https://admissions.utexas.edu/enroll/cap. If you were not able to submit to UTA, you can choose another participating CAP school or apply as a non-CAP student to UTA. Is financial aid available for summer sessions? There is not a waitlist. and our Students who accept the requirements of the program must attend one of the participating UT system universities for a year. For PACE, it is a really great option in the sense that you attend a single class at UT while taking the rest of your classes at a nearby Austin Community College each semester. As I'm sure you've seen, there are many caveats with this program, and a lot of information to cover. If you are interested in attending UTSA as a non-CAP student, you can do so by submitting an application for admission and supporting documents before the freshman deadline of June 1. Your transcript must includefinal grades from both the fall and spring semester at your UT System school; dont request ittoo early. From what I have gathered is if you intend to apply under a different major outside COLA, you can select that major as your first choice and then select a liberal art major as your second choice. Students will be required to complete online orientation and be. The CAP program offers freshman applicants a second chance to get into UT. Our surveys indicate that 98% of CAP students are satisfied with the guidance they receive at UTSA, Tsacalis said. Welcome to UT if you decide to enroll! But Shariatmadar feels that the CAP program still has some improvements to make. Which allows you to receive the full amount awarded. The University of Texas at Austin website for Coordinated Admissions program, UT CAP Opt-Out form(download and fill out). Students should enroll in 15 credit hours unless they will meet with 30 credit hour requirement with fewer hours. Again, this does not guarantee you may achieve your desired major so I really discourage unless it is a major within College of Education, Social Work, College of Natural Sciences (except Computer Science), or Moody College of Communication (except maybe for Radio-Television-Film and Advertising). What does this mean and what should I do? Overall, if you intend to graduate from UT with a degree in a more competitive major, I would suggest instead going to another school that you still like and then applying as an external transfer later on so even if you get denied as a transfer, you're still somewhere that you might enjoy and graduate with a degree in your desired major. Unlike CAP, PACE offers guaranteed admission to majors in Moody College of Communication, Social Work, COLA, and College of Education. You will have to go online to, Registration will open mid-February and you will receive an email to remind you to sign up for your orientation experience. We recommend contacting Housing and Residence Life for more information. You may be wondering, what about major's outside of their college of liberal arts? This class is in the CAP list of approved courses and may be able to satisfy the signature course required at UT Austin. If you are interested in attending UTA as a non-CAP student, you can do so by submitting anapplication for admissionand the supporting documents before the freshman deadline of June 1. Once you complete your group advising session, your academic advising hold will be removed. Please think this decision through. Plenty of applicants I personally knew who had up to 80-90 hours of coursework still gained admission to their major, though this may delay your graduation. Neisha FrankFounder, Clear Choice College Admissions Counseling, February 2023 Enrollment hours typically affect grant money by prorating it to the portion of hours enrolled, meaning if you are enrolled part-time in 9 hours you will receive three-quarters of your grant. Each college level course is valued by a certain number of credit hours. Any hours taken outside of UTA will not be counted towards your 30 hours needed for CAP. Participants may take college-level courses in the summer immediately after the CAP year. Then you can start in Genetics, Ochem, and other classes. Howdy everyone! Make sure to convey how your situation is unique and you still deserve a spot through UT via your credentials and background. If you have any additional questions, please email us at utcap@utsa.edu. Youre guaranteed admission to most majors in UT Austins College of Liberal Arts upon successful completion of the program (although admission to specific Liberal Arts majors are not guaranteed). I have a TSI hold on my account. Third most important is the personal essay you will write, as well as your resume. If you were offered a space for CAP and do not intend to enroll in COLA, you can still apply for your desired major, but from what I have heard you are treated as a regular external transfer applicant when competing for that major. They do not advise on UT Austin majors. No, you dont. Please note that to fulfill UT CAP requirements UT Austin will only accept courses taken at UTA. AcademicCoaching@uta.edu| P817-272-3685 Links. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment down below and I'll do my best to answer them! If you successfully complete the CAP requirements during your freshman year, heres what you need to do to guarantee youre admitted to UT Austin after the spring semester: Complete a minimum of30 semester credit hoursof transferable coursework specified by the UT System school that you choose to attend. I have a Meningitis hold on my account. You can sign up for online orientation by following, 2023 The University of Texas at Arlington. CAP requires that during a CAP year, participants must successfully complete courses that total 30 transferable credit hours, from the approved CAP course list, at the participating university. UTA accepts agreements on a first-come, first-served basis. That number was 57,000. Klein said that though he once believed UT was the school for him, he has since realized that it was more his familys dream than his. None of the individual grades you earn for transferable CAP coursescan be below a C, regardless of your cumulative GPA. The University of Texas System developed the Coordinated Admission Program (CAP)to expand the admission options available to students interested in enrolling at The University of Texas at Austin, the systems flagship university. However, it is still possible to compete for a transfer spot as a CAP student. Another thing to add is that after you have enrolled at UT via CAP and still have a desire to change your major, you can still apply as an internal transfer applicant to change your major to a more desirable one. They are then guaranteed admission to UT Austin if they achieve at least a 3.2 GPA after completing 30 hours of UT-approved coursework. ), Has transferring schools created any problems in the pursuit of your major? So if I don't have the enormous luck I'll need to get into UT and Cornell, is the CAP program worth it over A&M? Its at UTEP (El Paso) I wanted to kinda ask if you guys think its worth it. The second thing admissions officer's will look at is your "Statement of Purpose" paper you will write in your application (which you will fill out in the spring semester of your freshman year). Social life can be hard since you are essentially only at your school for a year, and if you successfully transfer it'll be even harder since you'll be moving to a big city with 50,000 students. A lot of CAP students foolishly do not visit UTSA because of their disillusioned UT dreams, which is a shame, Klein said. You will be contacted with a booking link after you sign up for Orientation. Yes, all incoming freshmen, including CAP students, are expected to take this academic inquiry course. This also means that UNIV 1131 will transfer to UT Austin and will be applied toward the required 30 credit hours.

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