south natomas crime

Subject complied and was taken into custody without incident. 19-363423/ SSTOP/ 1300 Dixieanne Ave/ 2C/ 1721 hrs. As the vehicle parked in the OReilly parking lot, the driver and passenger exited the vehicle and ran eastbound across Del Paso Blvd., with Officer in foot pursuit. The suspect stated that he was hopping fences because he believed he was being chased by the police. : Officers received information that a Dist. -Officers observed two subjects on Razor style scooters at a house appearing to purchase narcotics. Officer requested Code 3 cover. Ultimately Officer obtained two full confessions of approximately 15-20 thefts, recovered a car load of unclaimed stolen property, located two additional victims, and had two written letters of apology to the North Natomas neighborhood authored by the suspects. : Ofc. A search located the employees phone,numerous fictitious $100 bills, multiple fake IDs, some of which were military IDs, and other items consistent with ID theft. Some surveillance video of the incident was obtained but it was of poor quality. FIRE arrived and pronounced the subject deceased. We located a juvenile hiding in the garage who had 2 felony warrants. RPD recovered two firearms during their investigation, but Pellandini got away. Officers observed some sideshow participants getting ready to meet up and exhibit speed. 20-45662 921T 2200 block Natomas Park Dr 1938hrs. The subjects were initially argumentative and uncooperative in the front yard. who's leaving chicago pd 2021; river cottage waterfowl; are riley and elayna married; bud and breakfast colorado springs; puppies for sale in broward county CSI was called for photos. He was found tobe on PRCS and also to be in possession of a meth pipe. 19-101852 / 215 / 2000 block of Traction Ave / 2B / 2233 hrs. Items returned included, college admissions paperwork, Franchise Tax Board paperwork, and other personal paperwork. Bowman were in the area when they observed a stolen car that had recently gone through a POD. A stolen 1995 Chevy Silverado triggered the POD camera at Northgate & San Juan. Officers located the suspicious car on scene and contacted the two subjects inside. Officers with the assistance of K9, called out all five (5)MBJs and detained them without incident. The location had make shift electricalwiring throughout which was a fire hazard. Simultaneous to them locating it, another officer was on the phone with him trying to safely arrange asurrender. Based on the length and significant damage to her vehicle, she must have been traveling at a high rate of speed. The van fled after that. Ofc. The subject had extensive 10851 and theft history and was on F/S probation for 10851 VC and 496 PC. A records check would reveal she was a alsoprobationer with a No Bail FEL warrant out of LA and MISD warrant out of Gardena both for larcenous activity. Store employees advised that these subjs are known to them from previous dealingsand can positively identify all four. Officerslocated a subject that matched the description given at Winters St / Roseville Rd. RPD remained #1 in the pursuit with 1B23, K91 & K98 assisting. Officers contacted mom who stated that she was trying to search for her child with assistance of a few neighbors without involving the police. Upon arrival, they contacted a subject who is on PRCS supervision. P1 was detained due to the smell of alcoholic beverage on her person (subsequent PAS 0.29). Officers responded to the above location for a male causing a 415. The subject was wearing a a very distinctive backpack, grey zip-up sweater, and blue jeans. This is the same Shaquay White who has called 911 176 times since 3/30/19 and has been arrested once already for abuse of 911. Another neighbor heard the complainant yelling at the suspect and ran to see what was going on. The suspects were seen by witnesses stomping on the victims head so they tried to intercede. Officers made up a follow up call to see if they could get a more in depth statement at the hospital but the victim was uncooperative. 19-366555 / ASSIST @ Bus80 & El Camino / 2108 hrs. The victim returned home then called PD. Loaded unserialized short barrel .223 AR-15, Hundreds of rounds of ammunition and high capacity magazines. He denied knowledge of the stolen items and the firearms. The business had numerous video surveillance cameras. Officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle in the parking lot of the mall. The vehicle was eventually stopped by a pursuit intervention technique (PIT) and the suspect was taken into custody. It is unknown at this time if anything was taken from the residence. While they were on scene the victim pointed out a male that was walking away down the street. At about this same time, several other calls came in regarding the same type of occurrence in the area. A perimeter was quickly set up with CHP, SSD, and SPD assets. Officer observed a white Cadillac 505ing in the area. MCIU is investigating. 19-323430 / 503 / Rio Linda Blvd & Evans St / 1849 hrs / 2B: NGET officers observed a suspicious vehicle and conducted a registration check. The suspect was arrested without incident and found to be a PAL. 19-339784 / 940E / 1570 W. El Camino Ave. / 1B / 0800 Hrs. They were each cited for a SCC curfew violation, and one of them was additionally cited for SCC code of minor inpossession of an air gun in public. Shortly thereafter, we received information from the (Vs) that their credit card was being used at the Apple store at Arden Mall. 19-265297 / 2800 block Gateway Oaks Dr (1B) / 245 / 1237 hrs. Two suspects entered the Springhill Suites Hotel on the south side of the building. Dispatch and Crime Report Data Extracts; Public Record Data Extracts; . Officer located the vehicle at a gas station at W. El Camino/Northgate. Officer had the complainant respond to his location where he pointed out the possible victim residence. 20-33819 / POD / 400 block El Camino / 2B / 1306 Hrs. The FBA was holding a torch and told the victim that she would torch him if he moved. 1C / Felony DUI / Northgate & Harding / 1722 hours / 19-88972. They attempted to stop it, but it led them on a very short lived yet high speed chase that ended at Altos Ave. / Carroll Ave. 20-1657 / 481 / Ford Rd-Altos Ave / 1459 hrs / 2B. Officers arrested her for felony 594 PC. As officers were walking to the location of the shooting a male fled on foot from a tent nearby and vanished into the underbrush. Detectives were contacted and they advised XX was a person of interest in the related burglary. Officers detained two subjects that were loitering around the vehicle, one of which had the keys in her possession but claimed ignorance. A consent. Subj was confrontational with fire medics and officers. : 1423hrs. 19-93732 / XXXX Roanoke Ave / 2A / Shot Spotter / 2239 hoursSPD responded to 1632 Roanoke Ave regarding a one round shot spotter activation. 2SM1 attended the Del PasoNeighborhood Association meeting at Kinney. 19-224713 / 211T @ 3560 Del Paso Blvd / 2C 1015 Hrs. 20-35823 / 503P @ Grand Av. The (S) could barely perform FSTs. It began with a fight with known subjects. A subsequent investigation determined he was quite inebriated and blew a .20% BAC. All of the items were inside a backpack. A search of the subject turned up a sizable chunk of methamphetamine. Officer turned around and attempted to catch up to the vehicle. Both Brown and Davis were on probation and a search of the 971 they were in yielded many likely items of 496; 9 laptops or tablets, a new drone, portable speakers etc. Since CSI was busy on the 187, officers took photos of the scene. K913 responded to the call and immediately located the said suspect and was able to detain him without incident. Police asked for help finding 22-year-old Kevontay Watson who disappeared Sunday morning while walking in a south Kansas City neighborhood, a police spokeswoman said. arrived on-scene first and didntobserved anyone around the vehicle. The team responded to a community complaint to the location regarding unfit living conditions. With the above in mind, thieves continue to target this area because people continue to leave valuables in their vehicles. GoPro footage from the MCs helmet cam clearly showed him to be not at fault. This location appears to be a marijuana dispensary. He then stole the victims car and the female followed in her Acura. Officers responded to this 925 regarding a 945. NCUis coordinating with CHPtocollect potentialevidence from the suspect vehicle and will conduct follow up. An abandoned/ possible transient vehicle was nearby. 19-193994 / Homicide of Ofc. 20-121017 / POPCON / 2000 block Verano St. / 2B / 1307 Hrs. Officer contacted the malewhostated that hewas living out of a van parked nearby. 19-109001 / Stolen Vehicle / Norwood Ave and I-80. Upon being placed under arrest, the male passenger confessed, claiming some type of self-defense. Officer stopped the vehicle and determined it was the suspect. He had used a hunting knife to cut his left arm from wrist to elbow and had it in the water of the bath. At 1859 SPD received a POD activation regarding a wanted vehicle. Surveillance video will be produced by QUICK QUACKs IT department. 20-119544 / 505-Pursuit / Lampasas Ave& Norwood Ave / 0131 hrs / 2B. Upon arrival, the female was upstairs, throwing items down the stairway. Amber Alert Daily Activity Log e-Notify Helicopter Notifications Megan's Law Press Releases (PIO) He took the information and organized a probation search with Team 2 officersat the suspects residence on Santiago Ave. As they responded to check the area, a Shotspotter activation of 7 rounds came in at Hagginwood Park. Arden Mall security located the suspects inside the mall and dayshift officers took them in to custody. Nutley and his team. A short while later officers entered the apartment and safely took the suspect into custody. The suspects left in the victims car after they apparently had difficulty getting it started. 19-209114 // 971 GUN ARREST // 2590 Millcreek Dr // 2147 Hrs. The suspect then exited on to Marysville Blvd. The driver was arrested on a slew of charges. He was booked for 647f PC and 11350 HS. There was no evidence of anyone being hit in the back yard. The MWA, identified as XXXX, was taken into custody without incident. Officers responded to the above location regarding a business burglary. 20-20882 / 500 block Wisconsin Ave (1C) / 927p / 903 hrs. Comp called in to report their adult son had a gun and was threatening to kill himself. Officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle by a POD. 20-34459 / 505 / 3600 block Truxel Rd/ 2200 /1B. Officer was in the above area on an unrelated call when he observed a MWA who he recognized as having a felony warrant. They also discovered a BB gun and several knives inside the vehicle. When observed by owner/vict the (V) chased the (S) out of the store with a hammer. A 9mm magazine was located in the backyard with numerous shell casings. Dist 1 officers attended the monthly community meeting at Valley View Acres and the Protect & Soft Serve event at the McDonalds,3773Northgate Blvd. Units responded on a report of a fire on the bike trail near Haggin Oaks. 20-29654 / 459 / 1600 block Arden Wy / 2314 hrs / 2C. Homicide was contacted and drove to the location to pick up the female. A search of the vehicle was done with negative results. Unknown if these five (5) juveniles were involvedin any459s but marijuana and bolt cutters were also located within the vehicle. / 1A. Tonight the party involved a live band and was attended by about 150 people. He contacted the driver and found during the records check that he had two outstanding felony warrants for narcotics. The subject was arrested and booked for487 PC. Surveillance video was obtained but no license plate was visible on the suspect vehicle. The subject was given medical treatment for the exposure. (SSD # 19-461746)*****NCU is investigating. 20-47989: 487pc: 3500 block N. Freeway Blvd (Ulta): 2054hrs. Based upon the evidence, he was arrested for 459 PC and 10851 VC. When Officers arrived on scene, the victim stated thata subject possibly named X had stabbed him 3 times over a lighter. Per the female victim, a black firearm with a red laser was brandished at the building. 20-120192: Warrant Arrest: 3000 block Bridgeford Drive: 1655hrs. Suspect was arrested for 451(c) PC, 30305 PC, 664/245 PC, 148(a)(1) PC, and 3056 PC, 20-129181 / Fig St / Roanoke Ave / 2A / Gun Arrest. The other driver, a male, also had serious injuries. Intel was developed that the suspect had fled back to District 4 in another vehicle. Remarks on WebKPF indicated that the subject was wanted in relation to a 459. Suspect was on PRCS for narcotics related charges. On that day suspect was not home. Nutleys police car and started to walk away. Still under investigation. Not very safe. Officer observed a Toyota Camry traveling blacked out N/B Marysville / Roanoke and got behind the vehicle. Two FBAs took a purse from a transientvictim. The North Area and Downtown officers demonstrated great patience and discipline on this call. 20-32010 / 496B / 1600 block Arden Way / 0024 hours / 2C. NCU Detectives responded to assist. Multiple victims stated that the suspect had a knife and threatened to kill them. She advised her battery was dead so he positioned his car to help jumpstart her car. The suspect went eastbound on North Ave. to Winters where he went back on the freeway. He was hit in the back of the head by an unknown blunt object. Officersquickly responded to the area as updates to the baits locationwere being broadcast. Officers recovered video from Marshalls that shows the incident. Some of the items are personalized and distinct. 19-393087 / 245 /30 block Blue Heron Ct. / 1B / 1255 Hrs. There were multiple additional callers reporting there were subjects shooting at each other in the street. POP is conducting follow up. Upon entry the suspects ran out of the 925 andfled in a vehicle which was broadcast to responding units. 2 dead: Woodbridge Apartments in Natomas The Sacramento Police Department is investigating after two people died in a car at the Woodbridge Apartments in South Natomas. Officers responded to the above location after a 911 call came in stating that someone had just been stabbed. . We conducted a tow inventory/PC search and located the following: Stolen loaded Smith and Wesson .40 handgun in the rear center console. Officers removed a .45 cal semi-auto pistol from the subject. Susp had a cut on his face from the homeowner striking him in the face and appeared to be under the influence of narcotics. Officers responded on a carjacking that had just occurred. Based on uncooperative subjects of an investigationbeing armed. We responded back into the area after another 927 call re 2 (Ss) looking into cars. He was prohibited from possessing firearms. At this time1B33 Officersjoined the pursuit followed by a sergeant. Team 11 continued their enforcement efforts to reduce blight and crime in this area. 19-94235/211/3500 Block of Truxel Road/1A/1110 HoursA UPS driver was unloading several boxes of new phones to take into the store when two MBAs with hoods knocked the driver to the ground, picked up several boxes of phones and left in a black colored Audi Q5 with no plates. Officers soon arrived and confirmed4 good 459s to vehicles. The possible victim was located around the corner from his abandoned car that had a bullet hole in it. S2 is a MHA, 18. 20-4513 / 503p @ Diesel & Belloit / 2330 hrs. Untimely, the suspect pulled over near Mather Field exit and the driver and passenger fled on foot.

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